Gen Doy



Gen Doy uses various media in her work, but particularly sound, performance and installation.  She also writes lyrics and sound for songs as part of some of her works.

Doy’s creative work mobilises an extensive knowledge of art history and critical theory, and she has worked for many years in the field of visual culture, as a lecturer, writer, and curator. She has lectured at De Montfort University Leicester, The Open University, London College of Fashion, ICA London, Hayward Gallery, Ruskin College of Art, Birmingham University, Museum of Modern Art Bordeaux, The National Gallery London, The Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation Athens, and many other educational and artistic institutions.

As well as pursuing her own artistic practice, she has supervised and examined  Ph.D. theses in fine art and photography, and in art history and visual culture studies.

She is also the author of books dealing with issues of “race”, gender, sexuality and the politics of representation.

Gen Doy completed a Postgraduate Diploma (with distinction) in Fine Art at Byam Shaw School of Art,/Central St. Martin’s London, and an M.A. in Fine Art (with distinction at Central St. Martin’s). Gen Doy also has an M.A. in History of Fine Art and French Language and Literature (Glasgow University), and a Ph.D. in History of Art (Essex University).

Gen Doy has two sons who occasionally collaborate with her, and she lives and works in London.


                               Untitled, 2009

Gen Doy has exhibited work in the UK and abroad in galleries and in other locations such as The Old Engineers’ Workshop at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London. In 2014 she will be installing a sound piece in the Old Dairy at the National Trust Property Uppark House, as part of a show curated by Unravelled.  

Her work has been broadcast on Resonance fm and basic fm radio stations on several occasions.


                    Untitled, 2010


Untitled from Myths and Secrets 2008